Good to get back on the farm rehearsing with our new keyboard player Mike, who has shown sterling loyalty to the Wott by investing in a new Hammond organ - also a nifty Soundcraft Mixer for those gigs where its a tight fit - and we can't use a backline as it all goes through the PA.


WEDDING - Golden Green - August 


CRANFEST - Cranbrook
Great evening at the George Hotel and good rock n roll / good company / good food ! We played under the name of MelonHeadMan for this event as the promotor wanted it that way so added some original material in the set.


23rd September - Crowborough
Got to get an Indian Restaurant on your list, warm night so back door was wide open so I think most of Crowborough heard us
Extremely tight - so no backine, using new Soundcraft mixer and iPad - in ear monitors work a treat...A lady at the front turn up her hearing aid so she could hear - bizarre as she was sat right in front of a Mackie 450...anyhow when everyone had left they even cooked us a curry.

Cowden 1.jpg
Cowden 2.jpg

15th OCT - Cowden
Lovely little boozer way out in the sticks - to those VERY remote parts of Kent and East Sussex that you just don't know exist - until you have to find them...cracking pint of Harveys and we managed to fit a backline in there (only just though)...NOTE: long flight of steps to carry gear up and not great parking ! Locals seemed friendly enough....